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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning everyone. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the breaking news we're following is in the south bay. fire crews on the scene of an overnight house fire in santa clara at a home near tazman drive and lafayette street. >> damian trujillo just got to the scene. neighbors were throwing rocks at the house trying to wake up the people inside. >> reporter: anything to make sure everybody got out safely. looks like crews are going to be here for a while. they were able to knock down the flames in no time. they are dousing some of the hot spots that may be here with this huge ladder truck. the call came in about 1:20 this morning. neighbors called 911 after they saw what was going on. the fire went to two alarms but
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firefighters were able to put out in roughly 40 minutes. four people were inside the home at the time. one had to go to the hospital with minor injuries. it was neighbors who tried to come to the rescue. they noticed the flames, they began to alert the residents that they had to get out. >> we were throwing rocks from the street, and we were in our neighbor's yard trying to find rocks that were big enough. the fire spread pretty fast. we didn't want to get too close. >> reporter: crews are investigating the cause of that fire which seems to have started in the garage area. that part of the home was engulfed when crews arrived. i notice that this home is also on the market, there is a "for sale" sign there, we'll see how that goes. live, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> let's check in now, get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. friday morning. >> friday morning. friday morning, good morning to
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you. want to start with a live look at the radar. we're mostly dry. fair game for scattered showers as we kick off the first part of the day. we'll start to clear out for the second half of the day. grab that umbrella. and we're still counting on showers on super bowl sunday. stick around. i'll have your full forecast. mike's here. he's got your drive. >> calmer than yesterday as far as the conditions go. about the same level of volume here past the coliseum. we had overnight road work approaching this area through san leandro. it's friday so a lot of folks want to get out of the work day pretty early as they can. the bay bridge toll plaza, a lighter flow of traffic. that from the oakland side to san francisco. no sheen like yesterday. in san jose this same shot yesterday had the water kicking up, today much drier. northbound 101, we'll get off it quickly. the south bay had an issue. >> sure, mike. in fact, crews have just cleared
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up the scene of that deadly crash in the south bay. chp says two cars crashed, it happened before midnight on northbound 85, it's near the camden avenue exit. one person died, the other taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. >> officers are looking for a patient who walked out of san francisco general hospital with bandages still on. this is the same hospital that lost track of another patient a few months ago. police say 34-year-old valerie gates had surgery and walked away yesterday afternoon with a bandage on her neck. staff members are anxious to find her because she needs vital post-op medication. gates was last seen wearing a green jacket and burgundy pants. the search on the heels of changes made at general hospital after lynn spaulding left her bed in september and later found dead in a stairwell at the
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hospital. her body was found weeks after she disappeared. in that case the hospital grounds were not completely searched for spaulding. since then the hospital says new search protocols have been put in place. >> san francisco police are looking for suspects they say opened fire on a car. two victims were drink tune sf general this morning. you can see the windshield riddled with bullet holes. the shooting happened about a mile away on turner terrace in the hill neighborhood. just after 9:00 last night. as of now there is no update on the condition of the two victims. it's unclear how many people were in the car at the time of the shooting. investigators are on the scene looking for evidence. >> 4:34. uc-berkeley hall will be open following a chemical spill. officials say a student accidentally spilled a bottle of some sort of acid mixture. the sixth floor was evacuated and labs closed as crews worked to clean up the spill. no word how many students were
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in the building at the time no. one was hurt. >> san bruno police investigating a home burglary. police say a resident on fleetwood drive next to skyline boulevard came home around noon yesterday to find his house burglarized. a rear window smashed. police warning residents about the recent spike in burglaries, say residents should be alert, lock all doors and have a security system in place. >> the sheriff's office needs help identifying the man seen in photos we are about to show you. deputies say the suspect stole more than $10,000 of copper wire from the dpa light rail station around 3:00 yesterday morning. >> parts of the sierra under an avalanche warning this morning. the snow is expected to continue to fall. it appears the fresh powder not helping drought conditions much. yesterday's snow survey fell below expectations. water experts say the snowpack continues to be at a record low,
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12% of normal for this time of the winter. the snowpack provides about a third of the state's water supply. >> a live look this morning in the south bay. a little bit of rain fell overnight. we could see more this weekend. >> don't wash the car zblet. >> well, not if you don't want to do it yourself. you know what, if you want to just go ahead and take it to a car wash of course you'll get the best deal possible. they do such a nice job. hey, if you want mother nature to do it hold up. we're only expecting showers to hit the coast line but i can tell you in the south bay we picked up most of the rain. about a quarter inch in san jose. we needed it. so this morning we're looking pretty mild out there. we're going to hit the 60s today, south bay looking good. low 60s, we're in the upper 50s along the peninsula and the same deal in san francisco. so bring that jacket with you but leave the umbrella home for today. you might have to pull it back out on sunday. we're going to show you a really moisture rich system that's going to be close to the bay
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area. will it hit the bay area? i'll give you my best explanation coming up in the next report. 63 in santa rosa. 58 in fremont, and 61 in pleasanton. i'll have the forecast for you. if you don't want to wait for it, the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen throughout all of my reports. mike, we made to the friday. i'm feeling good about. how about you? >> i'm feeling great. looking here the forecast at the bottom, looking here a live look, we'll show you san mateo bridge. highway 92 westbound. that's taillights away from us, that's the commute direction. a smooth flow. you can make out see that in the middle of the screen the high rise making its way to the left, that's the peninsula. traffic flows smoothly. a view of palo alto no problems north. that bright sign at university april, not a lot of activity but as the coffee opens up folks head there on the way to the freeway. a smooth flow here into or out of san francisco from the south bay. and we're looking at the north bay where san rafael, southbound
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101 has a few cars, a smooth flow. we expect slowing out of novato early and then later on midday more traffic into the city via the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge also, this is the east shore freeway. a smooth easy drive. no delays from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge which of course no metering lights yet. >> of course. the excitement building. maybe not for 49er fans but football fans across the country. >> showdown between the broncos and the seahawks two daysway. a peek at what will be the first super bowl in the open air, cold weather stadium. bruno mars will rock the stage at halftime along side the red hot chili peppers or the medium warm chilly peppers. bruno mars says the elements are going to take getting used to. >> there's a lot of things that happened like the microphone turns into a popsicle. and all of these things you
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don't think about going into it. i'm grabbing the mike and it's frozen. >> the weather is improving has fans rushing to get tickets, about $2800 apiece. a lot less expensive than past super bowls. >> one family will be rooting hard for the broncos. former star duke is expected to start at safety for denver. he was signed by the team assen aun drafted free agent in 2012. only seeing action in a couple of game he turned things around making a name for himself. if the broncos win he will be the seventh former spartan to win a super bowl title. >> super bowl 50, organizers from the bay area are in new york this morning to try to learn tips about hosting this. this year all of the festivities are in manhattan but the game is being played about 25 minutes away in new jersey. in 2016, a similar situation
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will take place here, the game will be in santa clara but much of the celebration is going to be in san francisco. the ceo of the bay area super bowl host committee stles is plenty to learn from this year's game including how to factor in security, traffic, and hotel rooms. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," toyota slams brakes on all sales of its most popular cars. we'll tell you which models are affected. >> a close call for people in the south bay. a plane skids off the runway, heads toward homes. what neighbors are calling for.
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a very good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge. always a gorgeous vista. looks like folks making their way across the span. 4:43. first lady michelle obama staying in san francisco for a big ticket fund-raiser at the fairmont hotel for a woman's luncheon with house minority leader nancy pelosi. it starts at 11:30. tickets for today's event, they are sold out. they ranged in price from $500 to more than $32,000 each.
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the first stop on mrs. obama's trip to san francisco a private fund-raiser, tickets yesterday started at $10,000 apiece. unlike mrs. obama's visit last year, much of the trip has been under wraps. focus on fundraising for the midterm races. >> and u.s. supreme court justice anton scalia headed to the university of san francisco. the outspoken conservative justice will speak at the school of law with with brian garner starting at 1:00 p.m. they will discuss legal ethics and their latest co-authored book, reading law, the interpretation of legal text. >> happening today, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will step down. he has served as the head of the federal reserve for eight years and president obama has called him a voice of wisdom and a steady hand. janet yellen, the former head of the federal reserve bank in san
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francisco, also a uc-berkeley professor, takes the helm tomorrow, the first woman to lead the fed in its 100-year history. also new this morning, toyota has stopped sales of six best selling models. there is a problem with the heated seats. the japanese automaker says a component on the seats does not meet federal standards for flame retardant. affected model include the camry, hybrid, avalon, corolla subcompact, sienna minivan, tundra, trucks sold since august 2012. there have been no reports of injuries or fires and toyota is asking the ntsb not to require a recall of the vehicles that have already been sold. >> 4:45. a major shake up at microsoft. a new report out this morning says the company may name a new ceo and the chairman and founder bill gates could step aside.
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for more on the rest of the news before the bell, turn to morgan brennan at cnbc. >> good morning, scott futures are lower after stocks rebounded on thursday with the nasdaq and s&p 500 both recovering all of wednesday's losses. investors cheering positive earnings and better than expected report on fourth quarpter gdp. the markets are still on track to break their four-month winning streak. look for data on personal income and spending, labor costs, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. the dow rising to 15848 t nasdaq up 71 to 4123. amazon is counting its prime numbers, the on line retailer is considering an increase of 20 to $40 in the annual fee it charges its amazon prime service which is you know, offers free two-day shipping and online media. the move as amazon reports disappointing earnings and battling higher fuel and
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shipping costs. microsoft could name a new ceo ending the search for someone to replace steve balmer. she runs the fast growing cloud business. reports also say co-founder bill gates may step down as chairman although he would remain on the board. scott, back to you. >> thank you much. 4:47. >> that means it's time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. you had a busy week but it's friday, my dear. >> you know what, i'm happy to be busy. like come on, mother nature. looks like she's going to. you heard this talk about it's going to be so dry, so dry, well, things seem to be turning around at least based on everything i'm looking at. we've got plenty of clouds this morning, we're fair game for a shower or two. we're going to see a nice finish to the day. temperatures in the 60s, just about everywhere. you want to keep the jacket with you though. hey, breathe it in. we have good air quality. probably the best we've had in
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over 30 days. so enjoy it. i love when the rain comes through. it's going to be crystal clear. here's what we're working w. our next weathermaker, this is an interesting forecast because it's another really tough one. but i do want to dray draw your attention to the amount of moisture this is packing. quite a bit, and watch how close it gets to the bay area as we head throughout your sunday. oh, look at that guy. stop that clock at 11:00 a.m. as you're getting ready to enjoy the super bowl, maybe you want to do it indoors especially at the coast because all of this thing has to do is track a little bit further to the east, and we are going to get dumped on. here's the other caveat. we might not see anything at all because this is a cutoff low. it has nothing to push it inland. so, it's a really tricky forecast. i can tell you right now we're going to have soupy conditions up and down the peninsula, up the north bay coast and in san francis francisco. will we see the rain? i'm going to say a 30% to 40% chance for the entire bay area. i'm going to keep watching this all morning long. but overall looking good for
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another round of rain and next week, we're keeping 10% rain chances in all the way across the board every single day so. hopefully things are going to change around. back to you for now, scott and laura. >> that was a good explanation. looks like a thing coming toward us. 30% to 40% chance. thanks so much. 4:49 a. tow truck driver's close call was caught on tape. look at this. another car hit a batch of black ice, lost control in mobile, alabama. frightening there. the car slammed into the corner of the tow truck. just missing that driver by inches. the truck driver wasn't hurt. the roadways throughout alabama still remain very slippery and dangerous. the governor there is asking drivers to completely avoid that road. well, closer to home a close call as neighbors at san jose's reed hill airport calling for changes. yesterday a twin engine plane made a normal landing but the brakes may have failed, sending the plane skidding across the
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runway. the plane crashed into a safety zone near the homes on ocala avenue. neighbors say they want more protection. >> instead of a cyclone fence a cinder wall or something like that. >> pilots are not enthusiastic. two people on the plane were hurt, this crash is the third incident in araround the airport in four months. a couple weeks ago a couple of planes collided and then last october a plane landed safely on cap cal expressway. >> still ahead, calling all giants fans. how you can meet your favorite players for free this weekend. >> we'll look here, this is a free ride at least this part of 880 is moving nicely. the toll lanes we'll check on as well as the rest of the commute.
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a very good friday morning to you. look, folks up and at it this morning. this is in san rafael in the north bay. you can see it's pretty clear conditions. we're waiting for another forecast from christina coming up. 30% to 40% chance of more rain, something we need. 4:53 now. competition in sochi now six days away. many athletes representing team usa are already in russia, but one south bay athlete is still here. >> that's right because today
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her high school giving her a gold medal send-off. the high school will say good-bye to figure skater polina edmunds. the sophomore will be the youngest person representing the u.s. in women's figure skating. as we mentioned the winter games start in six days. nbc bay area is your home for all of your olympic coverage. for more on the 20 athletes from northern california visit our website >> a follow-up now on a toy company will get its 30 seconds of fame. goldie blocks won that commercial contest part of the grand prize, the silicon valley company will cover the $4 million price tag for airing the ad. wilt be shown in the third quarter on sunday. goldie blocks tries to inspire girls to think outside the box with math and engineering projects. created by a former stanford student. it beat out more than 20,000 small businesses from across the
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country. >> cool to see. well, with super bowl to baseball. spring training weeks away. for many giants fans the season gets off tomorrow. >> so much fun. we're talking about fan fest, tens of thousands of fans expected to plug the field at at&t park, a chance to get up and close and personal with their favorite players. it will be the first time, too, that fans get to meet the new additions. >> it's nice to be able to meet the players, interact, hear some of the things coming on for the new season, who we signed. learn more what's going to happen in the next year. >> one player who will noting on hand tomorrow, pablo sandoval continuing his off-season workout. >> the gates open at 10:00 a.m. and is free to the public. tomorrow will also be the first chance to buy single game
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tickets for the regular season. >> let me tell you from experience you want to get there early. some years they had to say though you are in line we can't let you in, this is more than the ballpark can handle. >> so head out. always a fun event. i want to check in with mike. he's got a look at the morning commute. people are out and about. >> very good volume of traffic here. this is westbound 580. coming out of the livermore area, this is so dublin officially. a number of malls are closed but these folks heading out of the altamont past in the commute direction, this looks busy for folks who travel it they know this is pretty average. we should see a lighter flow even though this is a good volume for the morning because it's friday. we're looking to another live shot, fremont southbound 880 past the truck sales. smooth down to mission boulevard no. problems through the area, and at this time because the carpool lanes are not in effect t toll lanes are also free for 680 and through the other spots,
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the bay area with the pay to play as i say. looking here, the bay bridge you have to pay to cross. the toll in effect. the incline t road construction, looks like the block has cleared from the westbound lane as you head around the bend to treasure island. out of san francisco, a clear view and nice flow. no wet roads this morning. back to you. >> thank you. still athey had update to breaking news in the south bay a. fire sends a woman to the hospital. the latest in a live report. >> another patient disappears from san francisco general hospital. what authorities are telling us this morning.
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>> months after the body of a missing patient was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital another patient disappears. what the hospital is telling us in a live report. >> plus, some of the most popular toyota models pulled from dealership floors across the country.
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why there is a problem with the heated seats. >> and we're getting a break from the rain this morning, plenty of clouds to start the day over the bay area. i'm going to tell you how much snow made its way over tahoe and hey, i got your forecast including rain for the all important weekend in moments. >> a much drier approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. i saw flashing lights, a crash as you approach. we'll sort out those details. >> a live look outside as you get ready to cross the bay bridge on this friday, january 31st, this is "today in the bay." last day of the month. >> right. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. let's begin with breaking news. fire crews will remain on the scene of a massive house fire. four people in the home were able to escape. flames erupted around 1:30 near a home-


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